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10 Day Discount Package!

This best destinations this summer include Six Flags, Rebounderz,

Hurricane Harbor, Aqua Adventure, Scandia, Exploratorium, Cal Skate and Spring Lake.
Click "DESTINATIONS AND DETAILS" to see daily destination schedule.

The BEST way to spend these summer days ... take a day trip. Leave at 9am,  return at 5pm. Transportation and admission fees are included. Give your child lunch money. Extended hours are available, 8am - 9am, 5pm - 6pm, $15/day. Day Trips camps are really fun. Every trip includes extra fun surprises. Your daughter/son will be part of a small group with lots of personal attention from our attentive and engaging staff. Groups are organized by age, interests and friendships. Kids regularly tell us "this was my best time all summer." 



 Pick just the days you want.

Camp hours: 9am-5pm.  Extended hours @ $15/day  8am-9am, 5pm-6pm.


Why we recommend you enroll for full weeks:

Weeks are great because they allow time for that special bonding to develop among the kids, their new friends and our super summer staff. Together they share special lifetime memories

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