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How to use the school pickup scheduler.

To SCHEDULE a pickup day. 

  • Click a day on the calendar.

  • Click "Create New Reservation"

  • Enter Child's Full Name

  • To schedule more than one day in the current month
    click ... next to Repeat. Check the dates you want.
    (You will need to do this again each new month)

  • Click Create Reservation

  • Complete questions then  Click Here To Confirm


To CANCEL a pickup day previously scheduled.

  • On the calendar you will see that all days you have reserved show a check mark

  • Click the first day you want to cancel.

  • Click the Pad/Pencil icon (next to the date/time).
    If you want to cancel several days select "this and following"

  • Delete Reservation


You are subject to a $24 extra charge for the following:

  • Late Fee. Entering a reservation after 10 AM on the same day you want your child picked up 

  • Cancellation Fee Cancelling a reservation after 10 AM on a day previously scheduled.

  • No Show/Absent Fee If your child is a "no show" or absent and you have not cancelled that day's reservation.


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