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All Day Camps at the AndrewsCamps Center

Wow! Amazing!

Over 6,000 sq ft of indoor and outdoor fun. 
Look at
the options your child can choose.


  • Crafts: Drawing, painting, clay,  jewelry making, origami and more

  • Fun Stuff: laser tag, nerf guns, hula hoops, jump rope, capture the flag, beach ball games

  • Sports: Baseball, basketball, volleyball, frisbee golf, gymnastics, soccer, football

  • Special Equipment: Indoor trampoline, indoor zip line, slide and monkey bars

  • Quiet Time: Games, legos, board games, puzzles, building blocks, and lots of books

  • Video Games: (Closely monitored use.) We have Wii’s, Xbox's and Apple computers with a select collection of  games and educational software

  • Outings: We explore outdoors, parks, playing in the Corte Madera creek, taking walks, picking flowers, making "potions" and letting kids be kids!

It's always a happy time at AndrewsCamps! 

What to bring

<> Lunch <> Snacks <> Water Bottle <> Good Shoes

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