Kids Night Out / Nicaragua Fundraiser

Saturday, May 25 -- 6:30pm to 10:00pm

A special night at the center with glow-in-the-dark crafts, zip line rides, laser tag, popcorn, movie, hide-and-seek games and more! Light snacks provided.

  • $45 provides two weeks of materials for all educational and arts programs at the Huellas de Paz center.

  • $60 pays for one healthy meal a day for one child for six months in the Tutoring and Basic Nutrition program, which supports young children who have left school to re-integrate into the public school system.

  • $100 covers instructor fees and materials for four children in a four-month after-school enrichment class (music, dance, theater, or computer literacy)

  • $145, annual cost per child, provides a whole year of arts, leadership, wellness and educational programming for one child (ages 4 to 17).

  • $450 completely funds the Teen & Young Mothers Support Group for two months, led by a licensed psychologist, with group counseling, parenting classes, early childhood activities and peer support.

HUELLAS DE PAZ (formerly Podcasts for Peace) is a community center founded in 2011 in Managua, Nicaragua that provides year-round extracurricular activities free of cost to economically disadvantaged children ages 4-17, focusing on literacy, technology, wellness and artistic expression. Local youth become community leaders and receive educational scholarships to facilitate artistic and recreational activities for younger children. Other programs include a Teen and Young Mothers Support Group and resources for older adults including sewing and computer skills classes and access to counseling services.


If you would like learn about sponsoring one of the amazing youth leaders, e-mail AndrewsCamps counselor James Reynolds at

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