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Follow these steps to schedule your child's FREE DAY

  • Enroll your child(ren) in AndrewsCamps (Click Here)

    • Read the program descriptions on the registration page then click REGISTER NOW.

    • If you have an existing AndrewsCamps account simply LOGIN.

    • If you are new to AndrewsCamps click New Customers and complete the requested information for yourself and your children

  • Complete the registration.

  • At Checkout enter FREE in the discount box. 

    • You will not be charged the listed $5 per child registration fee.

  • When you have completed registration Click Home on the top menu bar


  • Create a new User Account

  • When the scheduling calendar appears click on the day that you want your child to attend for FREE and make New Reservation

We provide a shuttle for students attending Edna Maguire, Neil Cummins, The Cove and Bacich. If your child attends one of these school we meet them when school dismisses and bring them to our Corte Madera center.  

This FREE DAY PASS is for children who are not currently enrolled in the 2022-2023 After School Program.

  • Discover the flexibility in using our online scheduling system whether you send your child many days a month or just occasionally.

  • We provide kids with healthy activities: games, sports, arts & crafts. They choose what interests them.

The AndrewsCamps center is at 400 Tamal Plaza, Corte Madera and open till 6 PM on school days. Whether you bring your child or we pick them up at school they will be at the center until you come to get them.

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