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After School Program

1st - 6th Graders

New for 2019-2020 school year. The AndrewsCamps after school program is fantastic and affordable. Enlarged our facility, more activities, new programs. Your child is met at school and brought to our conveniently located family center in Corte Madera where they enjoys an enrichment environment like no other in Marin. They get a snack and you don't need to rush to pick them up. We are open till 7 PM. Your child enjoys sports, games, indoor and outdoor playground action, arts and crafts classes, homework help and more.


AndrewsCamps is a licensed childcare center. Our professional staff is fully involved. We engage, teach, mentor and have fun with your child as they enjoy our safe, wholesome, positive and loving environment. Your child receives individual attention. 

AndrewsCamps makes your child's life happier and your life easier. 


Just some of the choices your child has at AndrewsCamps.

  • Sports: Baseball, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee golf, gymnastics, soccer, flag football.

  • Crafts: Drawing, painting, ceramics, sewing, origami, model building.

  • Fun Stuff: Parachute games, laser tag, nerf guns, hula hoops, jump rope, capture the flag, tag games, beach ball games, remote control cars, boats and helicopters.

  • Special Equipment: Indoor trampoline, indoor zip line, slide and monkey bars

  • Quiet Time: Games, Legos, board games, puzzles, duck tape projects, lots of books

  • Homework Club: Our study center is the ideal place for kid's to do their homework. Our staff provides some assistance. Doing homework becomes a normal part of after school activity.

  • Wednesday off-site adventures. Every Wednesday 2 PM - 4 PM. We head to an off-site destination for an afternoon adventure. (Optional. Kids can choose to do or stay at the center).


Two Monthly Enrollment Plans

  1. $495 Unlimited hours daily till 6 PM
    Stay till 7 PM @ $4.50 each 1/4 hour 

  2. Hourly (2 hour daily minimum) billed at $4.50 each 1/4 hour


Open on school days till 7 PM.
Free school pickup included in both plans



NOTE: After school enrollment is for the after school program only. Summer camps, holiday camps and "no school day" camps are not included.

We meet kids at: 

  • Edna Maguire

  • Strawberry Point                                                     

  • Neil Cummins

  • The Cove

  • Bacich 

  • Kent Middle School

Avoid EXTRA CHARGES.when scheduling your child's FREE school pickup.

You are subject to a $24 extra charge for the following:

  • Same Day Registration after 10 AM. Entering a reservation after 10 AM on the same day you want your child picked up 

  • Same Day Cancellation after 10 AM Cancelling a reservation after 10 AM on the same day as previously scheduled.

  • No Show/Absent Fee If your child is a "no show" or absent and you have not cancelled that day's reservation.

  • Pickup after 7:00 anyone picking up after 7:00 will be charged a dollar per minute late.

These charges only apply if you are using our school shuttle service. They do not apply if YOU are dropping your child off at the AndrewsCamps center.

Let your child experience the After School Program for FREE

  1. Click here to enroll your 1ST - 6TH GRADER.

  2. Click here to schedule some days at AndrewsCamps

You will not be charged for your child's first day.
Thereafter you will be charged according to the membership plan you select. 

We encourage you to visit our Corte Madera center.
Bring your child and together meet our staff and see all that we offer.
You will be amazed!


AndrewsCamps is easy to find at 401 Tamal Plaza, Corte Madera.

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